Mid-Autumn Delicacies Across Borders

Types of mooncake around the world

Mid-Autumn Delicacies Across Borders


While there are countless different types of mooncakes in China, the Cantonese mooncake is the most famous variety. During the 13th Century, mooncakes were used in to enclose secret messages to overthrow the Mongol dynasty.

Cantonese Mid-Autumn Mooncake

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Taiwanese mooncakes feature a flaky crust and common fillings include mung bean paste, braised minced meat, and fried shallot to create a sweet and savoury flavour profile. In Taiwan, people also enjoy pomelo during mid-autumn as it represents blessings and good fortune.
Taiwanese Mid-Autumn Mooncake

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The Japanese celebrate the mid-autumn festival by displaying the iconic Tsukimi Dango, white plain rice dumplings arranged in the shape of a pyramid. The round dumplings represent the moon and offer gratitude for the harvest.

Japanese Mid-Autumn Mooncake

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Koreans celebrate mid-autumn by eating half-moon-shaped rice cakes called Songpyeon. According to Korean legend, if you make a beautiful Songpyeon, you will meet a good partner or give birth to a beautiful baby.

Korean Mid-Autumn Mooncake

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Malaysians love their king of fruits and the Durian has made its way onto dinner tables during mid-autumn in the form of mooncakes. Often encased in snow skin, the durian filling offers a distinct sweet note and a rich creamy texture which makes it perfect for dessert. To have a taste, try ‘Heavenly Gold’, a snow skin mooncake with pure musang king durian filling from Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s Mid-Autumn Moonrise Premium Collection.

mid-autumn mooncake

Hilton Kuala Lumpur's Heavenly Gold Snow Skin Mooncake


To celebrate this very special occasion, look no further than Hilton Malaysia's mooncake offerings! Click here to find out more.


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