6 Travel Hacks For Your Next Family Vacation at Hilton Properties in Malaysia

Chinese New Year is here and families across Malaysia are rejoicing as it also marks the beginning of a long school holiday. What better way to embrace the season than with an unforgettable family vacation filled with laughter and cherished moments?

Here's a little secret to make it even more special – make use of all the Hilton Honors perks. Whether you're planning a relaxing getaway this festive season or an exciting family adventure, Hilton Honors offers an abundance of delightful benefits just for you. In this guide, discover six easy travel hacks that will add an extra dash of joy to your stays.

1. Use Points for Free Stays or Combine with Cash

If you've been accumulating Hilton Honors points, now is the perfect time to use them for free stays. You can get a free night at any of the Hilton properties in Malaysia with 9,000 to 25,000 points.

Alternatively, if you don't have enough points, you can combine them with cash to enjoy more affordable vacations.

For a limited time only, get even more points when you stay at a Hilton property in Malaysia. Take advantage of the Hilton Honors 'Points Plus' promotion, where registered members can earn 2,000 Bonus Points per stay from 1 January 2024, through 1 May 2024. This promotion allows you to accumulate points faster for future free stays.

To participate, simply register for the promotion here.

2. Utilize Digital Keys for Added Convenience

The Digital Key feature is perfect for families with multiple rooms. Share digital keys with others staying with you, as long as they are Hilton Honors members. If you and your partner both have the Hilton Honors app, let your kids keep the physical key card while you and your spouse access their room with digital keys. This not only enhances convenience but also earns you additional points.

Enjoy 500 bonus points per stay when using Digital Key during your stay at select locations, including Hilton Kuala Lumpur, DoubleTree by Hilton Putrajaya Lakeside, DoubleTree by Hilton Shah Alam i-City and DoubleTree by Hilton Damai Laut Resort.

3. Secure the best rates for your stay with exclusive discounts

Take advantage of the Honors Advance Purchase discount, ensuring you the best rates for your stay. This special rate is only available to Hilton Honors Members and Hilton goes a step further with their Price Match Guarantee – if you find a lower qualified price on another site, they will match it and give you an additional 25% off your stay. This ensures you not only enjoy quality accommodation but also great value for your money.

 4. Enjoy Seamless Check-In Through the Hilton Honors App

Make your vacation hassle-free by utilizing the seamless digital check-in feature. Choose your room in advance based on your preferences and easily access all your booking information through a single, user-friendly app. This not only saves time but also ensures a smooth and convenient experience for the entire family.

5. Get Space-Available Upgrades

Take advantage of space-available upgrades offered to elite Gold and Diamond Hilton Honors members. Enhance your vacation experience by enjoying better room options when available, adding a touch of comfort to your holiday.

6. Experience Exclusive Dining Perks

Joining Hilton Honors entitles you to free breakfast if you are a Gold or Diamond member. Additionally, all members can enjoy up to 25% off on food and drinks. Start your day with a hearty breakfast or gather for a festive reunion at a discounted rate, making your vacation and celebrations even more enjoyable.

Here’s a bonus tip to reap even more rewards: charge your meals to your room and get Hilton Honors points for your spendings at our dining outlets as well. Dining or other charges not billed to a member’s room during a stay are not eligible for Hilton Honors points accrual.

Maximize your Hilton Honors membership this Chinese New Year and school holiday season with these six strategies. Hilton Honors guarantees a great experience for you and your family, with great savings, easy check-ins, and so much more. Plan your getaway wisely and make the most of your Hilton Honors membership on your next Malaysian adventure.

Click here to sign up for Hilton Honors today, or check out our full list of rewards.